Laser Cutting

Material :

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Galvanized Steel, Copper, Brass, Titanium etc.

Categories :

CNC Laser Cutting of any typs of customized drawing.

The Characteristics of Laser Cutting :

It is based on the precise sheets cutting by focused laser beam. The laser beam is a new universal cutting tool able to cut almost all known materials. Laser cutting is the process of vaporizing material in a very small, well defined area.

Application :

Laser cutting is now one of the most widely used manufacturing processes in the world. Finding a home in industries such as the aerospace, automotive, electronics, semiconductor and medical sectors, it's clear that it offers a huge range of benefits and uses.


Our Strength:
• We accept up to 14 mm of Thickness Plate for the Laser Cutting.
• Can process with any specific drawing in any metal.
• Facility of prompt development of any customized job
• We have combination of Turret Punching with Laser for cost saving.
• We have specialization in bow (war page) control after Laser Cutting Process


Laser Cutting



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